Mark de Kievit

About making art

Making art is my fascination with the interaction between textures and shapes, colors and light. I create in a state of “…busy processing life”. That sounds pretty mindful, and it actually is. Just like in everyday life, transience and the moment are central to the process and techniques I apply.

In addition to exhibiting, I feel it is important to make my art accessible to a wide audience of art lovers. Exhibiting and selling online provides a clear view of the collection and, unlike many artists, I set clear prices and try to keep the lines of communication short so that buyers can get a sense of the person behind the painting they are buying. After all, a painting is a very personal object.

The process

The proces of creating relief with various textures, colors, and plenty of water and heat results in unique and unpredictable visuals. Timing in the mixing process is crucial, leading to a great variety of effects. Combining paint and water results in engaging patterns and depths.

This art form requires patience, practice, and a good understanding of the properties of the materials which took me about 10 years to master. The process of creating relief with liquid materials demands spontaneity and intuition, where I respond to the changing textures and colors as they develop.

It’s a great fulfilment being able to enrich other people’s lives with my art. I feel very honoured when people decide to hang my paintings in their homes or workspaces and enjoy them every day. Abstract art brings color into your life, with each individual’s personal perception of it. To make my art accessible, I aim to keep it as affordable as possible.

Mark’s artworks are now present in various collections in the Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Finland and the United States