Art in Concert

In collaboration with Brass Band St. Gregorius Giesbeek several artists made their artwork inspired on a piece of music performed in a live concert in the evening of Boxing Day. The creation process of painting Abstract #8233 was inspired by the song Spanish Fever, filmed and presented in a time-lapse movie during this live music performance themed: Art in Concert.

Art Eindhoven

The exhibition of Art Eindhoven takes place in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. The Klokgebouw is an old Philips factory that exudes the atmosphere of yesteryear. This industrial and nostalgic environment offered a very emphasizing effect on the transience that is reflected in my artworks.

The Colorfield Performance

The Colorfield Performance was a collaboration initiated by Dirk Hakze from with approx. 500 international artists who made their painting in one day to put down this huge outdoor color spectacle in the fields of Park Lingezegen in Elst.

Livestream in Lockdown

A collaboration in times of Covid-19. Margin Alexander, Composer & Pianist from New York City, contacted me if he could use one of my artworks for his piano music concerts to play live during an online livestream music exhibition. Margin performed his original piece of piano music evoked and dedicated to my painting Abstract #4849. This adds a very special new dimension to my artwork.

3 Oever Festival

Group exhibition in Eetlokaal Zevenaar as part of the 3 Oever Festival in the third weekend of September, which is three days of music, theatre, dance, art and food & drink on three banks of the Gelderse Poort.

Cultural Sunday Doesburg

Exhibition in the Gasthuiskerk with Open Stage as part of the Cultural Sunday in Doesburg in The Netherlands with a varied range of visual arts and music. The cultural route along the Lalique museum with it’s beautiful glassware and a temporary exhibition about Jan Toorop with partly unknown work from private collections, the Streekmuseum De Roode Tooren, art studio’s and galleries takes place every 1st Sunday of the month.

Art at School

Duo exhibition at Rijn IJssel location Middachtensingel in Arnhem, who allowed us to show our work to all employees, students and visitors in this beautiful school building. It’s encouraging that this school has an eye for art and offers artists space to exhibit. Abstract art by Johan Kock (int-O-art) and Mark exhibited in this building that is characterized by transparency and a tight interplay of lines.